Firefighters extinguish fire at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant


Ukraine’s State Emergency Service said that the 44 firefighters and 11 vehicles involved in the operation managed to extinguish the fire at around 6:20 AM (4:20 AM in mainland Portugal), with no injuries, according to a statement released on Facebook.

The Ukrainian authorities assured that the six reactors of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant were not affected and that the fire only affected a building and a laboratory on the site. 

Zelensky accused Moscow of trying to repeat “nuclear terror” of the Chernobyl disaster: “Hundreds of thousands of people have suffered the consequences [of Chernobyl], tens of thousands have been evacuated. Russia wants to repeat that and is already trying” says Zelesnky.

“Ukraine has 15 nuclear reactors. If an explosion occurs, it’s the end of everything. The end of Europe.“, the Ukrainian president warned.

Article adapted by the Media Lab JN reporters Lourabi–Bataille Hemma, Noa Charlas and António Rodrigues from Lycée Polyvalent Paul Mathou (France) and Agrupamento de Escolas Rosa Ramalho. 

The original version of this news article was written by JN and News Agencies and was published in Jornal de Notícias on March 04th, 2022.