Famalicão’s police is patrolling on electric bikes

© Paulo Jorge Magalhães (Global Imagens)

Police agents of the Municipal Police (PM) of Vila Nova de Famalicão decided that riding on e-bikes was the best way to do their patrols. They’ve been doing it for about a month now and the main goal is to prevent abusive parking.

The municipal police agents – César Gomes and Daniel Sousa – say that after some drivers tried to escape their fines by seeing the police cars during patrol, they decided that riding on bikes would be better, as it is more discreet and makes it easier to look around. 

Article adapted by the Media Lab JN reporters Thore Kristian Schwabe, Tamara Sao Marcos Silva, William Hammann, Niko Albert and Bárbara Martins from OBS Papenteich (Germany) and Agrupamento de Escolas Rosa Ramalho. 

The original version of this article was written by Alexandra Lopes and was published in Jornal de Notícias on March 4th, 2022.