War scenario affects world markets

© João Silva (Global Imagens)

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is having indirect effects on other European countries. This started at the beginning of the war, and is affecting the entire global market.

Economists are worried about the effect the war in Ukraine will have on the European economies.

The main effect in the markets will be in the energy prices – especially gas and oil – and, eventually, even the price of bread and cereals could be increasing. 

Currently, Russia supplies 35% of Europe’s natural gas.

Article adapted by the Media Lab JN reporters Sónia Sousa, Alexander Bock and Liam Holste from Agrupamento de Escolas Rosa Ramalho and OBS Papenteich (Germany).

The original version of this article was written by Diogo Ferreira Nunes (JN / Dinheiro Vivo) and was published in Jornal de Notícias on February 23th, 2022.