Portuguese schools help Ukraine

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Since the beginning of the war, in March 2022, most Portuguese schools decided to collect goods and food to send to Ukraine.

Because of the conflict in Ukraine and the thousands of refugees who are trying to leave the country, Portuguese schools are collecting clothes and essential goods to help.

Filinto Lima, president of the National Association of School Groups’ and Public Schools’ Headmasters (ANDAEP), said that “students are putting into practice what we teach them and what we cultivate at school, which is solidarity and friendship”.

Article adapted by the Media Lab JN reporters Rodrigo Cortez, Annacarla Valente and Alma Lanzetta from Agrupamento de Escolas Rosa Ramalho and I.I.S.S Publio Virgilio Marone (Italy). 

The original version of this article was written by Agência Lusa and was published in DN Madeira on March 2nd, 2022.